As your State Senator, my top three priorities will be:

Jobs and the Economy

I have spent my entire career in the private sector working to create jobs and helping others prepare for their financial future. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people turn their dreams into reality, and I will take that commitment to Olympia. I want to make it easier to create, retain, and attract good-paying jobs in Washington and expanding employment opportunities for everyone. I will work to reduce and minimize the government impediments to job creation and eliminate outdated regulations.


I understand the importance of a vibrant educational system. While the incumbent voted to slash education funding, I will repair the damage and fully fund our schools. We can provide a world-class education to help our kids prepare for rewarding careers that satisfy their financial and personal dreams.  Decisions should be made at the local level with parents, teachers and school administrators having the freedom to decide curriculum and how precious dollars are spent for the benefit of students in the classroom.


Reform our transportation system by focusing on reducing traffic congestion and wisely using precious dollars to replace and upgrade infrastructure. We need creative solutions for prioritizing transportation projects and find new funding sources without raising taxes. I will oppose any increase in the gas tax. We must eliminate the bottlenecks on Highway 9. We must stop ‘kicking the can down the road’ and fix the Highway 2 corridor. This will create new jobs in Snohomish County and reduce congestion on I-405 and I-5 by keeping jobs closer to where people live.